Inverse Kinematics – Progress

So I’ve been making decent progress in my studies of Inverse Kinematics. I’ve switched from using Unity’s WIP system to Anima2D, which while not technically supported in this version of Unity works just fine.

I got animating this version working fairly quickly¬†and am still rather proud with how fast I’ve learned this system.

Making it play ball with the physics system, however, presented it’s own challenge.

I actually contacted LandFall games for help here, but upon receiving nothing I can work with I eventually toughed it out and figured the system out on my own.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The arms are stiff and the weapon physics are wonky, but it is something.

Inverse Kinematics

So my prototype has required learning an entirely new field of animation I wasn’t really versed in: Inverse Kinematics and Procedural Animation.

The best part of this is that the feature isn’t even properly in the current build of Unity; Inverse Kinematics is in beta. However I need it, but the current implementation is lacking in a key feature; it doesn’t support objects made of multiple other objects. This presents a notable blockade in my way if I want to retain my stickman dismemberment.
Nonetheless today has proved a useful step in understanding Inverse Kinematics and this step will definitely get me to my goal quicker than I would have before. Even if I have to take a step or two backwards first.

Beginning a new Project

Today I start work on my Final Year Project. I know I haven’t posted particularly much on the blog side of this since I started, or at all, but I want to change that to have a real chronicle of my improvements and findings throughout making this.

I’ll post my initial designs when they are properly formulated.